June 20, 2017

25 Favorite Blog Recipes

25 Favorite Blog Recipes
My mom had a great idea for this blog post that she gave me accidentally. We were chatting one day and she asked me what my favorite Nutritionist Reviews recipes were and it had me a little stumped. There are so many that I love- I would never share something with you that I didn't think was great!

Today, I want to roundup my top favorite recipes that I have shared on the blog. The ones that I taste and go OMG, my readers are going to love this. Hope you enjoy!

Grilled Rainbow Fruit and Vegetable Kebabs are a quick and simple side dish that are packed with nutrients and are customizable with any produce you have on hand! www.nutritionistreviews.com
These Sweet Potato Pie Bites are perfect for dessert or part of a holiday meal. Roasted maple sweet potatoes with cinnamon cream cheese and maple pecans make this dish mouth-watering! www.nutritionistreviews.com
2. Sweet Potato Pie Bites- This is my mother-in-law's recipe and they went viral this year around Thanksgiving- for good reason too! They are so good.

Spiralized Pad Thai is made with all vegetables and no noodles for a lighter, healthier dish! Tossed with a delicious spicy peanut sauce, you won't miss the noodles at all. www.nutritionistreviews.com

Banana Split Overnight Oats taste like your favorite dessert but are made healthy with oats, Greek yogurt, almond cashew butter and fresh fruit! www.nutritionistreviews.com
4. Banana Split Overnight Oats- So much flavor! So easy! My favorite.

This healthier chicken marsala is ready in 20 minutes, is full of nutritious ingredients and will impress any dinner guest. www.nutritionistreviews.com

Blue Cheese Chopped Summer Salad is packed full of flavor and is the perfect salad for summer. Filled with crunchy red cabbage, creamy blue cheese and bacon, you won't be able to have just one bowl. www.nutritionistreviews.com
6. Blue Cheese Chopped Summer Salad- my mom actually made this and it was so good that I took some home, photographed it and shared the recipe from her!

These Mushroom Black Bean Burgers give store bought veggie burgers a run for their money! Simple to make and loaded with veggies and flavorful portobello mushrooms. www.nutritionistreviews.com

Grilled Chicken Salad with Creamy Mango Vinaigrette is ready in 15 minutes and is full of flavor. Topped with fresh mango, strawberries and blueberries along with grilled chicken, onions and asparagus. www.nutritionistreviews.com
8. Grilled Chicken Salad with Creamy Mango Vinaigrette- I still can't get over how it seems like there is real cream in this when it is dairy free!

This 3-Ingredient Strawberry Banana Ice Cream takes 3 minutes to make and is much healthier than your typical ice cream but still delicious! www.nutritionistreviews.com

This Lighter Buffalo Chicken Dip is healthier than the original but is still full of flavor and makes the perfect appetizer! Made easy by being cooked in the slow cooker. www.nutritionistreviews.com

Peanut Butter and Jelly Overnight Oats take 5 minutes of prep time the night before and you will have a delicious breakfast ready to go in the morning! www.nutritionistreviews.com

Lemon Chicken Piccata with Vegetables only requires one pan, is simple to make and is loaded with a tangy lemon sauce that is sure to become a family favorite! www.nutritionistreviews.com
12. Lemon Chicken Piccata- my family LOVES their chicken piccata!

Green Mojito Smoothies are the most refreshing smoothies you will ever have and are loaded with flavorful ingredients including pineapple, fresh mint, lime and fresh ginger! www.nutritionistreviews.com
13. Green Mojito Smoothie- so much flavor and very different than other smoothies I've made!

15 Minute Cashew Chicken is ready so easy to make and is the perfect lighter stir-fry with chicken, cashews, peppers, carrots, pineapple, celery and a delicious homemade sauce! www.nutritionistreviews.com
14. 15 Minute Cashew Chicken- the pineapple juice + cashews makes this so tasty!

Texas Caviar AKA Black Bean Salad- serve with tortilla chips- great for any gathering as an appetizer!
15. Texas Caviar- this is what I bring to almost every single party I go to!

Pizza Panzanella Salad is a fun change from your typical panzanella with pizza flavor in every bite, tomatoes, peppers, cheese, pepperoni, onions and a homemade tangy Italian dressing! www.nutritionistreviews.com

Smoky Sausage, Kale and Quinoa Soup is the perfect hearty, nutritious soup that is full of flavor and spice that your family will love! www.nutritionistreviews.com
17. Smoky Sausage, Kale and Quinoa Soup- This is the other dish that I am best known for in my family! It is so delicious and simple too.

Breakfast Banana Split- healthy and satisfying!

Roasted Dijon Green Beans are full of flavor, easy to make and the perfect healthy side dish for any meal. www.nutritionistreviews.com
19. Roasted Dijon Green Beans- a family favorite for many years now!

Spicy Garden Mac and Cheese

Vegetable Black Bean Tortilla Stack

Carrot Cake Banana Bread with Cream Cheese Frosting is a moist and healthy treat that tastes like cake made with whole-wheat flour and apple sauce. It is topped with cinnamon cream cheese Greek yogurt frosting- you won't be able to stop at one slice! www.nutritionistreviews.com
22. Carrot Cake Banana Bread with Cream Cheese Frosting- if you love carrot cake like I do, you will love this!

Greek Chopped Salad with Roasted Chickpeas is so delicious with chopped cucumber, tomato, green onion, parsley, feta cheese, crunchy roasted chickpeas and a fresh lemon vinaigrette for a delicious, nutritious side dish! www.nutritionistreviews.com
23. Greek Chopped Salad with Roasted Chickpeas- we make this for dinner all the time.

Green Salsa Verde is ready in 15 minutes and is loaded with flavor. Filled with fresh tomatillos, garlic, onions, cilantro and lime juice, it is sure to be a favorite sauce! www.nutritionistreviews.com
24. Green Salsa Verde- the perfect party appetizer or snack!

This Almond Cashew Butter Banana Bread is easy to make and is full of nutty and rich flavor. It is  made with whole-wheat flour and is moist and delicious! www.nutritionistreviews.com
25. Almond Cashew Butter Banana Bread- can't stop eating this bread when I make it!

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